A day with Daniel is an utterly, completely, romantically perfect day!~ And in the midst of this perfection, there is a desk full of work, a sink full of dishes, and laundry that needs washing. There are times when baby cries with tummy pains and dirty diapers need changing, but these are pale in comparison to all the joy he brings into the heart of each member of this home. I’ve come to learn that perfection isn’t when life appears perfect rather, it’s when I decide to live each moment to the fullest; bathing in the blessings instead of wallowing in any of the worries or sorrows.

So, what does a day in the life of Daniel looks like? Here are a few glimpses into a day with Daniel.


It’s not uncommon to hear Matthew saying, “Mommy I’ve washed my hands and not got to hold the baby yet.” I guess the only time that boy thinks a hand washing is worthy of his attention is when he wants to spend some time with Daniel.

Every night Samuel gives me kisses before bed and then whispers in Daniels’ ear, “I love you” before he kisses his forehead and runs off for bed.

Josiah and Ezekiel will enter the room with a quiet strength and ask, “Can I hold Daniel, Mom?” They always hold him in quietness, looking into his eyes and examining every detail of his perfect form.

Elisha practices his piano skills, as does Josiah since they see how much pleasure it brings Daniel. Daniel will open his eyes and do all he can to turn his head to the beautiful music playing just for him!

The steeple and cross on the roof of a small chapel
Baby Blue Eyes (Danny Boy) goes to church for the first time on July 10,2011

Timothy insists on holding Daniel and yet lacks the skill of holding a baby and thus looks new and clumsy in the task, but it’s beautiful and perfect reminding me often of the first time his daddy held a baby.

Beth-Joy and Bekah teasingly debate on who’s turn it is to hold the baby. The girls have made for some comical moments as they will race to enter the room first for baby duty.

In the evenings my Joe will commonly take Daniel into his arms and speak to him in that daddy voice that causes Daniel to look curiously into daddy’s eyes. His entire body relaxes as if to say, “I am in safe hands.”

Each member of the household has repeated thanksgiving to the Lord for this precious gift he’s given us through Daniel. The house is busy, loud, and creative and yet dear Daniel behaves as if this is where he was always supposed to be, and I guess it is! A day with Daniel is an utterly, completely, romantically perfect day indeed!

Does our dear Daniel know how greatly he is loved? I can only imagine he does.

Daniel loves to sleep in bed with me. Good morning kisses and cuddles with baby are one of my favorite things about waking up.