Dear, Danny Boy

I love the Autumn days; most of all I love spending autumn days with you and your brothers. It is a magical time of the year when leaves begin to change colors and then dance to the ground.

We talk about adventures that await us as we walk through the yard to greet the farm animals in the fog early each morning.

Branches snap under our feet as we greet the milk cow and thank her for the milk.

You enjoy caring for the animals alongside your big brothers. You become quite upset when you find out they did barn chores without you.

Danny Boy Autumn Days

You spend more time looking at rocks, twigs, insects and leaves as we take walks to the pond.

As we walk past the fox den, you pause and say,  “Hello in there!”

We continue to look for the beavers we saw one autumn evening, but we haven’t seen them a second time. You always tell me you hope they didn’t move away.

Most of all I love to see you play, giggle and explore. I hope you enjoy each and every moment of these sweet autumn days.

Love momma.