Danny boy has been enjoying his adventures in the kitchen. Buttering bread, helping clean the table, making Christmas cookies, and the list could go on and on.

This year I decided we would start a new tradition, the 25 days of sweets. And for the record, I don’t think anyone needs that many sweets! It’s been a challenge to complete. Danny has worked beside me. We have shared giggles, messes, and memories in the process.In that way, it’s been a success.


I’m often asked, about age appropriate chores and when is the best time to include children in the kitchen. I can only share that my experience has always been it’s best to live life alongside our kids, including them in the daily tasks at their level and ability.

Danny boy has just started helping in the kitchen. His DMD does cause some fine motor challenges for him as he works beside me. However, he’s been right next to me as I worked since he was an infant. Danny Boy sees chores as an honor, just as it should be.


Danny Boy making pies with grandma for the church Pie and Praise event.