I’m not a huge fan of app’s for children, but Epic! is making me a fan of their reading app. First, let me disclose that I was not asked to write a review and have not been compensated in any way from Epic!.

Reading is incredibly important to our family. In the last 28 years of my parenting, I have made countless trips to the local library. Our home has a room set aside as our home library with floor to ceiling library shelves. We’ve had a “Story Time” sign posted over the chair where I would spend at least an hour a day reading to the children. Reading has provided more than just literacy. Reading is the first step to our next adventure and also provides a window to yesterday.

To this day, I still set aside time each evening to read to my youngest children. Danny Boy bounced with excitement in his bed as I walked in the room with a book in my hand. “You’re the best mom!” I smiled and opened up to the chapter I had dog-eared the night before. It was that magical time of the day when we visit other places, meet new friends, and learn other cultures, it’s what most know as story time!

So, why am I a fan of the Epic! app?

For several reasons! Epic! offers a library of over 20,000 books. Danny Boy loves to use Epic!’s favorites feature and rating system to mark the books he enjoys. Trains, Space Shuttles, ATV’s, are just a few of the subjects he has been exploring. There are books with read-aloud features and those without. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the read-aloud books, it’s turned out to be a fun variation that Danny enjoys.

Epic! offers a reward system to provide children with motivation and positive reinforcement. Providing the parent with their child’s progress is a helpful feature of the program. Epic! shows the books completed, the time spent on the app, and even the pages turned.

Another benefit of Epic! is that the app allows me to set the age and reading level shown in my child’s library. In fact, I can set up to four separate accounts so that each child has their personal Epic! Library.

With a monthly fee of only 4.99, I find Epic! a valuable investment that I can share with others. Oh! and it’s ad free which makes this app truly Epic! (are there any other moms, like me, that loathe all the ads in children’s aps?!!)

There you have it! If you’ve not discovered Epic! yet I hope this encourages you to give them a try. No matter what you decide on Epic! just make sure you take the time to read to your children daily. Even my grown children, who now have children, talk about their storytime memories. Go spend time with your kids through the magical moments of storytime! You won’t regret it!

By the way, the artwork for today’s post is a picture Danny Boy’s brother created. It is a memory of the boys spending late nights under the covers with their flashlights enjoying, “Just one more story”. Thank you to Elisha for allowing me to use this picture on the blog today.

Until our next chat….

Danny Boy’s Mom