What an amazing flight over to Europe! We were greeted by Delta officials and treated incredibly special from the first moment we arrived all the way to the end! So many have shown Danny Boy love! I am richly rewarded to see the best of humanity in these moments. To see God show himself through others. It’s a humbling place to walk and yet so incredibly rewarding! 

Diamonds for a day!! Ms. Nancy Mr. Scott, Mr. Cain, and Mr. Paul were incredible in all they did to make this possible!!! Thank you! What a wonderful experience for Danny. It also opened doors for us to meet a beautiful couple. God does direct our paths!!

Danny Boys new friends. ❤

Mr Scott with Delta picked out toys for Danny as a gift for the plane! They could not have been more perfect! He has played with them continually!

Mr Cain at Delta had a private escort for us in a bright pretty red Porsche! Danny loved it even if the sounds were too loud for his sensory issues. It is good as a mommy to see moments when life is so good that what normally would make my boy anxious is being overcome! 

The pilots then gave Danny Boy his first pilots lesson. He got his first set of wings!! Oh and Tundra may have powered down the entire plane! Oops! They were so gracious to Danny. He was all smiles!

We arrived in London!!! Once we landed, we were escorted through customs. I believe we were out of the airport in less than thirty minutes! Thank you, Delta!!!

We dropped our luggage off at our Airbnb and kept going! We didn’t want to lose a day of sight seeing. I hope it helps us adjust to European time as well (great tip from our friend and travel agent!) if you need help planning a trip, let me know and I will connect you with her. She has been a friend for many, many years so I highly recommend her! She had a lot to do with our Delta experience as well. Thank you, Cheryl!!

Okay, back to this trip!

After dropping of our suitcases we had breakfast at Daylesford Farm Wow! It felt like home! The staff serving and preparing the food were both cheerful and knowledgeable. They treated us with great regard. The woman who served us came up to Joe as we prepared to leave. She stumbled to find words of appreciation that expressed her gratitude for our visit and conversation. We will make more visits there as we visit this week. Danny Boy wanted the carrot and pumpkin seed muffin (of course because carrots are orange and Danny boy loves orange) but they ran out. Just as she went to get him one a man bought the last freshly made muffin. He decided on a scone with butter and jam, and of course bacon! Danny Boy doesn’t eat much at all, but for Danny food isn’t about digesting… it’s about the social connection with the rest of us at the table. He played with the raw butter in his hands and told me all about how it felt. He loved it!

After breakfast we took a stroll! It was so much fun. I thought of how we should take more strolls in town when we get back home. Our first stop was to a bookstore, of course! What else would you expect from our family? 🙂 organic food and a bookstore sums up my idea of a perfect day, however the adventure continued to the London Eye and a water cruise! Danny loved every moment!!! He tires easy so he was in his stroller we brought him. Still he was up all night with leg cramps.

Today we are heading to Oxford! Joe will be driving!! I am already giggling about this experience and looking forward to visiting a pub where CS Lewis use to eat. I will be ordering the mac and cheese… of course because it’s orange!

I will share more photos tomorrow. I don’t want to delay posting all these adventures to Danny’s blog so please forgive me in advance for photos that are unedited. Oh! And no work for me this trip!! So my laptop is at home. If you find grammar edits,  let me know. I am sharing from my phone so it adds to my challenge to edit! Thanks for your patience!!!

I am so excited to be able to share Danny Boys adventure with all of you! Thank you for joining us on the journey! We love you, friends!!

Until our next chat,

Danny Boys Mom