Today we enjoyed a stroll through London.

Danny Boy woke up to his daddy serving him cherries in bed! We decided to take our time this morning, allowing Danny to sleep until almost 11! After fourteen hours of sleep he woke cheerfully to cherries and conversation with Miss Emmy (who had been awake for hours waiting for him).

The men ( my dear Joe, Jacob, and Timothy) took a walk to get breakfast for the family. Fresh farm eggs, pasture raised beef, sourdough bread, and a variety of fruit- all organic. It was a scrumptious feast indeed!

After morning devotions, we headed out for a stroll in London. Danny boy requested that we take a ride on a double decker first. We had a blast! It was worth every pound spent!

Danny boy dancing on the streets of London as we wait for our next bus.

Next was the British Museum. Wow! It was quite a treat. I was surprised by how much Danny enjoyed it. We were there for about three hours and only saw two rooms! We all want to go back again!!

Next, we took a stroll in London seeing many iconic sites! The streets were crowded with tens of thousands of people. We finally made our way to Hamleys Toy Store for a once in a lifetime experience (because once is enough! LOL). Danny found moments of enjoyment, but for the most part it was too stimulating. There were hundreds of people in the store, with bubbles being blown at you as you entered, loud music playing, booths set up where they gave product displays to children… and the list could go on! Wowzers! Bekah asked me if Danny and I had enjoyed our visit. I told her we actually would have… IF…. we had our own private shopping experience!  You know, like you see on Halmark? 🙂 It was a mad house for sure!


Then, we returned to our stroll through London until we finally arrived back to the rental for dinner.

The morning view from our rental.

All in all, it was another beautiful day in London!

Until our next chat,

Danny Boy’s Mum 🙂