Bienvenue à Paris! Translated as, Welcome to Paris! Well friends, we have arrived in Paris. Danny boy cheered from his seat in the plane as he saw we were approaching.

While we were there Danny Boy ran up to me and said, “Cuddle me in Paris, Momma.” So we enjoyed our wait as we cuddled. At one point I asked him, Danny what is your favorite part of cuddling?” With the sweetest voice and a smile he said, “You!” He sure does know how to melt his Mommas heart! 
It took us several hours to get through the airport. Emmy fell asleep in the process. 

Once we dropped off our luggage at the hotel we decided to make a trip into Paris. I can not do justice in describing our first  rendezvous.

We had no map.

We don’t speak fluent French!

We didn’t have a clue where we were or where we were going.

And….we learned quickly that driving rules in France are much different than America.

We were surprised by the military presence armed on street corners with machine guns. I sat in the passenger seat thinking, “I just want a picture and picnic with my baby!”

Well, after fear that turned into laughter and the laughter that turned into confidence we were able to find a wonderful place for our evening meal. We sat and enjoyed the food the conversation, and yes, the culture! The dinning experiences have been one of my favorite aspects of this trip! 

I’m not giving up on Paris! I know many relationships that have started off rocky and lasted through the years with fortitude! I am confident that will be the same with our relationship with Paris!

Until our next chat,

Danny Boy’s Mom