Danny boy slept the entire flight to Rome. As he woke up, his niece Emmy could be heard across the aisles saying, “Welcome to Rome!” Danny wiped his eyes and cuddled a bit more. 

We were rushed through customs. I’m not sure if it’s because we have strollers or just what, but every time there is a long line security will come over and direct us to a shorter route expediting our time spent in line dramatically! Jacob teased that he will make sure to always have a child in a stroller when traveling abroad.

Our transit driver greeted us to take us to our hotel. It appears the highway is shut down due to a grass fire. Traffic was still chaotic, but not like Paris. Once at our hotel, we spent a moment enjoying the room and then headed off to dinner.

The hotel suggested we eat at a little restaurant across the street. Dinner and dessert were perfect! Danny boy enjoyed the spaghetti with lamb. He also enjoyed dessert. At first he said he didn’t want anything. Once he saw his big brothers gelato he decided maybe he did want it. We got a picture of him sneaking it away from Timmy without him knowing.

We ended the night with a walk to the colosseum. It was a beautiful evening for a stroll.

We stopped by the colosseum even though it was closed. It was a sad walk for myself, personally. Just thinking of the history and all the lives that were destroyed here. Next, we found an area archeologists are working on. That was quite fascinating!

We continue our stroll. Conversations with family and listening to the bells ring when it hit the top of the hour. The bells here were different than London. This was more like a”dong” where London was more like a “chime” both were beautiful!!

Once back to our room, a storm from the Mediterranean Sea welcomed us to Rome. The thunder was loud, it reminded me of home. Danny wanted to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy so we ended the day with cuddles in Rome.

Until our next chat,

Danny Boy’s Mom