We had no idea there would be rain in Rome today! (Note to self: check the weather app often!) When we started our day with breakfast in the courtyard, Danny was splashing in the fountain and watching the birds with bright blue skies and sunshine.

As we began our stroll it started to sprinkle. I mentioned to Joe that we should probably return to the hotel to get the rain cover for Danny boys stroller. No sooner did we arrive to the hotel and it began to pour! We all thought that surely it would end as quickly as it had arrived so we hit the streets of Rome in the rain!

We enjoyed gelato and made our way to the Trevi Fountain. Good news is that the rain made it easy for is to get a photo near the fountain.

Later in the day the storm passed so we took back out to the streets for a walking tour at the Spanish steps. We stopped back by the Tevi fountain but the sunshine brought the crowds with it.

We hired a Uber driver to take us to our pizza class for and dinner. Danny boy loved this experience as did each member of the family. At one point, he climbed up in my lap and said, “Thank you for taking me here momma. You’re the best mom in the world!” He was so sincere. He is the cutest kid ever!!

The class and dinner was a SIX hour experience. Our host, Francesca said that is normal. One of my favorite experiences of our travels had been our meals. People take their time with their meals. They make the food and the conversation a rewarding experience! We have savoured these moments together.

Our new friends learned it was Joe’s birthday and treated us to homemade tiramisu. All the men said it was the best they have ever tasted. It was the first time I had tasted this treat; it was yummy indeed.

Danny doesn’t like chocolate so he kept trying to take the chocolate out and eat just the whip cream, he was quite comical about it all. Our evening ended with cuddles and a cab ride back to the hotel. It was a fabulous day!!

Until our next chat,

Danny Boy’s Mom