Our day in Rome started off with our family devotions on the veranda. The little ones joined us and then played as we continued in the family conversation of what we should do for the day. This trip had been restful, rejuvenating, and rewarding in every sort of way. I have loved most the simple everyday moments spent with Danny Boy.

We made our way to the Roman forums, Peter and Paul’s jail, and Palatine Hill. It was a great deal of walking. The breeze was a cool reward that ushered in at the most opportune times. They also had fountains to gather water as we walked.

We all agreed that our visit to the jail was the highlight for us today.

Mealtime was enjoyed at a nearby restaurant. I continue to savor this time of the day. We are never rushed, the atmosphere in Rome cultivates hearty conversation and a good dose of laughter.

We ended the day totally spent, in a good way! We calculated 8 miles for the day in walking. We laugh and wonder if we will have gained weight when we get home because of all the food we’ve enjoyed or if we will have stayed the same weight because of all the walking we’ve done.

Until our next chat,

Danny Boy’s Mom