New England, here we come. It’s been eighteen months since our last big trip. Danny’s taken small weekend trips that I should have written about and only didn’t. However, this celebration simply can’t be left undocumented.

In just a few days, We will be packing our luggage up in four vehicles, loading 18 family members, celebrating his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.

New England was one of the highlights of Danny’s grandparent’s travels in 2001. When I asked them what they would like as an anniversary gift, they said they’d love to take a trip back to New England and show all of us the sights that they found so enjoyable.

So, New England, here we come!

I’ve rented a home in New Hampshire and worked closely with Danny’s home health nurses to ensure he can continue his Exyondus treatments while we’re away. We’ve created a bucket list of activities covering 8 states and 10 days. Danny’s grandma Connie has created a photo scavenger hunt with gift cards as the prize. Of course, the real bonus will be the experiences shared, the memories made, and the relationships developed.

I’m taking this week to prepare for our departure. Last minute doctor appointments, haircuts, shopping, cleaning, and packing fill my to-do list this week. Danny enjoyed shopping with me at Costco yesterday after his doctor appointments. Today, sister promised him 100 pennies if he’d get his hair cut. For a child with sensory issues, haircuts are challenging. This was by far our best experience with a haircut over the last 7 1/2 years.

Danny Boy's Hair

This will be our first big trip with Danny depending on his power wheelchair for mobility. It’s also our first trip to pack so many machines such as his cough assist, suction, infusion pump, etc. Then we have Sheena the service dog joining us for the first time too. We’re in for an adventure for sure!

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