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The Road Trip

The road trip to New England was adventurous but no less successful. What Google says is a 22 hour, trip actually took us 34 hours total. The first day was 16.5 hours with no sightseeing or stopping for meals, but stops for restroom breaks and fuel. Continue reading “The Road Trip”

New England Here We Come

New England, here we come. It’s been eighteen months since our last big trip. Danny’s taken small weekend trips that I should have written about and only didn’t. However, this celebration simply can’t be left undocumented.

In just a few days, We will be packing our luggage up in four vehicles, loading 18 family members, celebrating his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Continue reading “New England Here We Come”

A Day in Rome

Our day in Rome started off with our family devotions on the veranda. The little ones joined us and then played as we continued in the family conversation of what we should do for the day. This trip had been restful, rejuvenating, and rewarding in every sort of way. I have loved most the simple everyday moments spent with Danny Boy.

Continue reading “A Day in Rome”

Rain in Rome

We had no idea there would be rain in Rome today! (Note to self: check the weather app often!) When we started our day with breakfast in the courtyard, Danny was splashing in the fountain and watching the birds with bright blue skies and sunshine.

Continue reading “Rain in Rome”

Welcome to Rome!

Danny boy slept the entire flight to Rome. As he woke up, his niece Emmy could be heard across the aisles saying, “Welcome to Rome!” Danny wiped his eyes and cuddled a bit more.  Continue reading “Welcome to Rome!”

A Picnic in Paris

We woke early for a picnic in Paris. We have found it is best to arrive in Paris around six am in order to find parking and have less foot traffic to navigate through.

Continue reading “A Picnic in Paris”

A Day in Normandy

We decided to sleep in to a more reasonable hour and then head out to enjoy a day in Normandy. Danny Boy requested a picnic in Normandy. He also wanted to run and play on the beach. This trip was most important to my Joe because of his family who served here during the war. His uncle who died in Europe serving in the CIA and his father who served in the airforce. Both of them were in Normandy at different times during the war.

Continue reading “A Day in Normandy”

Photos in Paris

Our second day in Paris was a dream come true! We made our way into the city early in the morning, before the sunrise, for our photos in Paris. Prior to our trip, I secured a local photographer to take these memorable photos for us.

Continue reading “Photos in Paris”

Bienvenue à Paris!

Bienvenue à Paris! Translated as, Welcome to Paris! Well friends, we have arrived in Paris. Danny boy cheered from his seat in the plane as he saw we were approaching.

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