Danny Boy's Adventures

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Welcome to Rome!

Danny boy slept the entire flight to Rome. As he woke up, his niece Emmy could be heard across the aisles saying, “Welcome to Rome!” Danny wiped his eyes and cuddled a bit more.¬† Continue reading “Welcome to Rome!”

Adventures in the Kitchen

Danny boy has been enjoying his adventures in the kitchen. Buttering bread, helping clean the table, making Christmas cookies, and the list could go on and on.

This year I decided we would start a new tradition, the 25 days of sweets. And for the record, I don’t think anyone needs that many sweets! It’s been a challenge to complete. Danny has worked beside me. We have shared giggles, messes, and memories in the process. Continue reading “Adventures in the Kitchen”

Welcome to Danny Boy’s Adventures

Welcome to Danny Boy’s Adventures.

We’re so thankful that your journey has allowed us to cross paths. Danny Boy’s Adventures is an online journal where I(Danny Boy’s Mom) share the simple and awe-inspiring moments of our son’s life with the world.

Continue reading “Welcome to Danny Boy’s Adventures”

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