Danny Boy's Adventures

One boy's expedition living with Duchenne's

Autumn Days

Dear, Danny Boy

I love the Autumn days; most of all I love spending autumn days with you and your brothers. It is a magical time of the year when leaves begin to change colors and then dance to the ground.

We talk about adventures that await us as we walk through the yard to greet the farm animals in the fog early each morning. Continue reading “Autumn Days”

Welcome to Danny Boy’s Adventures

Welcome to Danny Boy’s Adventures.

We’re so thankful that your journey has allowed us to cross paths. Danny Boy’s Adventures is an online journal where I(Danny Boy’s Mom) share the simple and awe-inspiring moments of our son’s life with the world.

Continue reading “Welcome to Danny Boy’s Adventures”

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A Day with Daniel

A day with Daniel is an utterly, completely, romantically perfect day!~ And in the midst of this perfection, there is a desk full of work, a sink full of dishes, and laundry that needs washing. There are times when baby cries with tummy pains and dirty diapers need changing, but these are pale in comparison to all the joy Continue reading “A Day with Daniel”

Born from our Heart

We all know that before a child can be born, it must be conceived. The same happens when a child is born from our heart through adoption. This journal entry documents the journey of Danny Boy’s story from conception to the moment he was born from our heart through adoption.  Continue reading “Born from our Heart”

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